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hoodiecap asked: "Cap visits a school assembly and they have him lead the pledge of allegiance but "under God" wasn't added until he went under the ice so he doesn't know that part so he doesn't say it and the next day all the headlines say "CAPTAIN AMERICA FORGETS GOD" and FoxNews freaks out."






oh my god

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additional tags from penguinsparade: #and let’s be real here #Steve grew up dirt poor during the Great Depression#and missed the Cold War #so he probably has what are today considered radical views on communism #i.e. ‘it’s not terrible’ and not synonymous with the antichrist#’a bunch of the people on my block were communists’ he says when Fox News asks for an interview #’they just wanted jobs down in the shipyard so they could eat and not lose a hand trying’ #Steve just rolls his eyes with a smile#every time Nat calls him comrade from then on

Can we all just take a moment to envision the Colbert Report section on COMRADE AMERICA and the subsequent interview where the first question is ‘so, why DO you hate America?’ and Stephen keeps accidentally propositioning Steve for the entire interview and ends up proposing to him.

#I don’t understand how anyone could hate america #says Stephen #I LOVE America #I love america’s great traditions #its love of freedom #its commitment to its ideals #its… lithe yet powerful physique #Steve is just sitting there with his lips twitching #trying not to crack up #gravely agreeing that there’s a lot about America to love


what if they took west side story and made a version where it was set in verona in the 1400s and instead of gangs there are two powerful italian families. i just think that would be really cool

also hemsworth facedown and spread out hugging a pillow with this enormously self-satisfied grin on his face and biting his lip while evans pounds him through the mattress

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my boss wants me to make edits to the website so i said okay why don’t you print out each page you want me to edit and just write on there what needs to change

and she blathers at me about what a good idea that is

and then keeps me on the phone while she rambles each change at me anyway

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also just hemsworth’s big broad hands cupping and groping evans’ perfect round little bum

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okay one more thing then I swear I’m going to bed

the scene where Steve visits Peggy and very quietly, very simply and carefully explains the disconnect he feels, being AS VAGUE AS POSSIBLE about some extremely heavy shit that’s clearly, severely fucking with him, and he says it wITH A GODDAMN SMILE ON HIS FACE

and Peggy calls that ‘dramatic’. 

And that’s the reaction Steve was expecting

He is expecting that level of calm and censorship to be seen as dramatic. 

He was going out of his goddamn comfort zone to say that much and he got shot down and just shook his head like he should’ve goddamn known better. 

That’s as vulnerable as Steve Rogers is willing to get and that isn’t vulnerable at goddamn all. And he still wasn’t taken seriously or able to air his anxieties. And he fucking expected it, that’s why he was CENSORING HIMSELF IN THE FIRST PLACE

Like obviously I’m all goddammit Peggy, but Steve’s just as bad! He believes the same toxic shit, he’s just the one who’s suffering for it. This is just the most obvious example of how LITTLE Steve is willing to put himself out there, even with the people he loves and trusts. 

Losing more control than that? Being forced to be more open and emotional than that? Holy crap he’d beat himself up over that for fOREVER. That would be such a huge loss of control in his book. 

God his coping mechanisms suck. I’m seriously fucked up over the shitty, self-deprecating way Steve copes. LOCKING ALL YOUR SHIT IN A BOX AND PRETENDING IT DOESN’T EXIST IS NOT COPING.




“Starting to root for this guy” as in “They sent me to kill her and I made another call” kind of root for this guy? Did he and Coulson make a deal after the whole whoops-Black-Widow-is-now-an-asset-sorry-Coulson deal where Coulson made Hawkeye promise to tell him when he started rooting for the person he was supposed to shoot in the head? How many times has this been a problem for Hawkeye? Is he, like, known in SHIELD for being the agent who might adopt the target you sent him to kill?

I firmly believe that this is what happened with him and Natasha. Like, Fury gives Clint the order, the next thing he knows Barton’s dragging Natasha in being like BOSS CAN I PLEASE KEEP HER I PROMISE TO CLEAN UP ANY BODY PARTS SHE LEAVES LYING AROUND PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEASE